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Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server - Demand

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to configure and manage Internet Information Services. This course is intended to help provide pre-requisite skills supporting a broad range of Internet web applications, security, and knowledge to help support other products that use IIS such as Exchange and SharePoint. In keeping with that goal, this course will not focus on any particular web application or development practice.

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90 Tage

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After completing this course, students will be able to: Install IIS, Configure the default web site, Configure and manage application pools, Create additional web sites, Configure web sites and application Support, Secure web sites and applications, Secure web site data Transmission, Manage certificates in the Centralized Certificate Store, Configure remote Administration, Implement FTP, Monitor, Backup and restore IIS, Build load-balanced web farms


This course is intended for IT Professionals already experienced in general Windows Server and Windows Client administration. No prior experience with any version of Internet Information Services is assumed. Experience with Windows networking technologies and implementation and Experience with Windows Server/Clinet administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting is assumed.


  • Original Microsoft Trainingsunterlage (digital)
  • 90 Tage Kurszugriff
  • 24 / 7 Verfügbarkeit


MOC On-Demand in englischer Sprache. Sie erhalten nach Bestellung Ihren Zugangscode per Email. Mit Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand) – bietet Microsoft den MOC 10972 im Selbststudium-Format. MOC On-Demand kombiniert Videos, ePaper, Live-Hands-on Labs und Wissestests.


  • Understanding and Installing Internet Information Services
  • Configuring The Default Website
  • Configuring and Managing Application Pools
  • Creating Additional Websites
  • Configuring Website and Web Application Support
  • Securing Websites and Applications
  • Securing Website Data Transmission
  • Managing Certificates in the Centralized Certificate Store
  • Configuring Remote Administration
  • Implementing FTP
  • Monitoring IIS
  • Backing Up and Restoring IIS
  • Building Load-Balanced Web Farms